Welcome, I am so happy you are here! I so look forward to traveling on This Human Journey with you.

As the very first post, I thought it only appropriate to share what exactly what this site is about. As a result, this post includes the content from the About page.

About This Human Journey

"In Order to Heal the World, We Must First Heal Ourselves."

I created This Human Journey to share what I have learned about wise ways of living well as a human being. I have spent a lifetime studying philosophy, psychology, physics, and various world religions. I have found that there are certain Universal Truths that emerge again and again, across different time periods, civilizations, cultures, and theologies.

What You Will Learn Here

  • Universal Truths from Time-Tested, Cross Cultural Wisdom
  • Tools and Techniques for Living Effectively as your Highest Self in Modern Times
  • How to Adopt and Incorporate Daily Wise Living to Transform Your Life
  • Modern Interpretations Focusing on Facts, not Faith
  • How Modern Science Confirms Ancient Wisdom

Putting Knowledge into Action

It wasn't until the darkest point of my life that I also had to put what I learned into direct and immediate practice. My life literally depended on it. I have also spent time in recovery and have watched, time and again, people completely transform their lives by learning and living these common Universal Truths. I am continuously humbled by the people I meet who have the strength to show up, every day, and do the work to completely transform their lives.

What We Will Practice

  • Essential Living From a Place of Compassion and Gratitude
  • Growing Non-Religious Spirituality in Our Lives
    • (Even Atheists can be Highly Spiritual people)
  • Awakening and Transforming Our Lives through Daily Practice
  • Expanding our Experience to Include All Aspects of Our Lives
  • Presence and Overcoming the Negative Self
  • Creating a Personal Refuge in Difficult Moments
  • Growing Resilience to Face Difficult Times

Creating Community

This Human Journey is also about creating a common community. Together, we can hold space for each other, respect the inherent beauty in all of our life paths, and learn, practice, and make positive changes both locally and as a global community.

Building a Safe Community of Support

    • Live Group Teaching
    • Live Group Practices and Sharing
    • Live Guided Meditations

Site Structure and Content

  • Daily Zen: Real pictures paired with wise insights, shared daily.
  • Weekly Wisdom: Weekly posts covering a variety of topics related to This Human Journey.
  • Books & Learning (Coming Soon): Books and Courses to help us along the path.
  • Community (Coming Soon): Live group sessions where we can come together for teaching, sharing, and meditating as a community.


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I honor you as a human being, and I sincerely look forward to experiencing This Human Journey with you.